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JoNell Strough
Professor of Psychology


Life-Span Lab

Dr. Strough has two main areas of research (1) decision making and (2) gender development. She studies each of these topics in diverse age groups, including adolescence and early and later adulthood. For both topics, emphasis is placed on the social context in which development occurs with a focus on interpersonal relationships.

Decision Making Research: Dr. Strough and her research team investigate aspects of decision making that are maintained or even improve in later life. Current research emphases of the team include emotion regulation and mindfulness as pathways to healthy aging.   The ultimate aim of this research is to promote healthy aging. 

Gender Development. Dr. Strough has a long-standing interest in gender development and many of the ongoing projects in her research lab investigate gender issues in conjunciton with other topics. Dr. Strough and her team are especially interested in examining situational influences on gender-typed behaviors. The ultimate aim of this research is to break down long-standing stereotypes that place unwanted constraints on individuals' behaviors.   

Dr. Strough is recruiting new graduate student team members whose interests complement those of the research team.