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JoNell Strough
Professor of Psychology


Life-Span Lab

In her research on decision making, Dr. Strough and her research team investigate processes that facilitate healthy aging, especially life experience, emotion regulation, and social relationships. One current project being conducted in collaboration with Dr. Natalie Shook (funded by the National Science Foundation) examines the implications of age-related changes in emotion regulation and cognition for risky and biased decisions.  Dr. Strough is also conducting research with colleagues at the RAND Institute in Pittsburgh and The Centre for Decision Research at the University of Leeds, UK. These projects aim to identify decisions that get better with age, as well as those that stay the same or get worse, as well as underlying mechanisms. Mechanisms currently being investigated include rumination, motivation, satisficing, mindfulness, experience, time perspective, attentional control, and advice seeking, among others.

Dr. Strough has a long-standing interest in gender development and many of the ongoing projects in her research lab investigate gender issues. Dr. Strough and her team are especially interested in examining situational influences on gender-typed behaviors

Dr. Strough is recruiting new graduate student team members whose interests complement those of the research team.